Nicke Grundberg


It has been very quiet here on the website for some time. There is a reason. Our most wonderful guitarist and best friend, the beloved and beautiful Nicke Grundberg, has passed away after a short, relentless illness. Blue Nicke … what can I say. I love him. Nothing else matters. Which is why I haven’t said anything here for a while. Still trying to understand how to live my life without him let alone play music without his genius behind me.

Needless to say, we are all bereft. It is very quiet in the studio these days, when we have been able to face being there at all.

The new album is on indefinite hold.


Logging studio time

Been away from the website for too damn long. Every time I realise this I promise myself to post more regularly and be a good boy in general, but it just won’t stick. God knows I’m trying.

At any rate, I have been in the studio recently laying down the vocals to some new material that should come out on the new album in … well … a while. Hopefully before the end of the year. Have spent a few sweaty days in the dungeon with Richard behind the controls. Everything is sounding fantastic.

To everybody who has been hounding me to line up some gigs: Might have to wait a bit longer on that front. Things are busy busy busy all over. But I will make an effort after the summer. I promise.

Great gig at Southside!

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Southside gig the other night. We had a great time. Glad to note that everyone seemed to really like the new song.

We are planning to get into the studio over the next few months, so hopefully we will have some new recordings for your listening pleasure sometime into the new year. No promises, but that is the plan.

Gig this Friday in Stockholm


Come down to the Southside Cavern this friday, 21st October and catch us live. We’ll be playing a lot of new songs. Onstage at 22.45, but there are a couple of bands on before us.

Hope to see you there.

New review!

Nice to know that people are still listening to – and writing about – my debut record despite it having been out for over a year now. Here is a new review that says some nice things, I think…?

FREE download of new track!

I am giving away free downloads of the new single, ‘Darling, it’s you!’ for a limited time. Click here to listen to/download the track.

Do me a favour and share it around.



New Live Pics

Just put up some new photos from the Stampen gig. Check em out at my facebook page here. Many thanks to Jan Johansson ( for his photographic skills. Everything looks better in black and white!

Gamla Stan…

Thanks to everyone who came down to support us at the Stampen gig last night. Hope you all had a great time. Lots of good bands there. I was very pleasantly surprised by the rest of the line-up. Lot of country flavour in the air in that old basement. Good work by the promoters, Fight Club, to get us all on the same bill.

Don’t forget to go have a listen to our new single, officially released as of yesterday. You can listen to it here. Please spread the word as far and wide as you feel comfortable with. It would really help us out a lot!

Darling, it’s you! OUT NOW! Yay!

The new single – Darling, it’s you! –  is now released as of a few minutes ago!

Click through to the music page here at to listen to the track.

I fell a little behind with planning the artwork for the new track, but there is some in the works. I’ll put it up as soon as it comes to hand.

Hope to see you all at the release gig tonight at Stampen.

Master blaster

Ok. The new single, ‘Darling, it’s you!’ is mixed. Gonna master it in the next couple of days, then release at the gig on thursday. Everything seems to be running on time so far. Highly unusual.

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